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Our advertising rates are affordable for any business, however small, starting from just £30 per issue.

Advertising with The Local Advertiser is usually cheaper and easier than having leaflets printed and then paying to have them delivered. We'll even design your advert for free*, and it will be included in a publication that is more likely to be kept than a single flyer.

You can book for just one edition, you can book for several in the same area over a period of months, or you can reach as many people as possible by advertising in all four areas.


We offer 5% OFF for booking two adverts at the same time, 10% OFF for three adverts, and 15% OFF for four or more adverts.


1/8 Page £30 Front 1/4 £75
1/4 Page £50 Back page £190
1/2 Page £95 Front page arrow £15
Full Page £170    


We don't charge VAT and we don't charge for advert design* or proofs.


*All designs are copyright LOCAL ADVERTISER and cannot be used in any other publication, without our permission. We are happy to provide a high resolution PDF for a charge of £20

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